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help for a center who assist orpahn kids at p-au (Haiti)

Hi everyone! I profit to present you my best wishes for the Protected content . I am David I am from Haiti. I am a theater man and a social worker and I manage right after the earthquake who stroke Haiti, a psychosocial and health center for poor women and orphans kids. We used to help them by having a support in terms of formation, food and care assistance. We got about Protected content among them only 60 who got contact with members of their family and the others are all on the protection of people of good will. When we opened the center we had a partner, an institution called PADF an NGO. It spent one year with us and it gave to us some materials and medicaments for the kids and woman. We always thought that we could find on our way some people for helping us to keep managing the center but unfortunately in the beginning of Protected content the NGO PADF left us, we find us in a true jail with the kids we help. Cause the material are broke and no medicaments and food. That’s why we find no other way than to address to people of good will for assistance. A NGO from called the ouvriers de paix gave us one time in Protected content assistance and since that time the center never receive a help. The kids live now as they can: spending time in the streets or working at some people for a little money. This is the reason why we address a request with all persons who believes in the socials works to give us a help not necessary money what you can in whatever where you are, cause we got members in boston, brasil and Santo Domingo apart of Haiti. The center is located at port –au- prince, we got proof of existence and everyone who wants to know know more and help they can add me on facebook by: Protected content . Protected content

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