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Inverter A/C Systems Use Fraction of Energy (Haiti)

Passing on the word about an amazing new A/C system I just installed. It's an "inverter A/C," uses a FRACTION of the power of regular A/C. The inside unit works on DC power. I installed 2 of these together with 8 solar panels which give enough charge to run an A/C all day on the inverter plus keep my batteries at full charge.

My main goal was to have one room in the house with A/C available whenever I want it...AND to reduce EDH cost. These units came from Sto. Domingo, and of course they are expensive, but worth it in the long run for me since previously I could only run A/C starting 10 pm when EDH comes.

If any one is interested in this, I can refer you to the MOST TRUSTWORTHY EVER guy who went to Sto. Domingo, purchased the system, and installed it along with the solar system. His price is lower than any other, and he returns immediately any time I have a question or problem (since I'm totally ignorant about this stuff).

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