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Anyone want to learn Japanese?? (Hamburg)

Hi guys!
I am Yoshi, 25years old, I lived in Australia for 5 years for uni (& having lots of fun of course) then went back to Japan as I got a new job. After a year or so, I got sent from the Japanese company and currently working in Hamburg.

Is there anybody wanting to learn Japanese?
(Or, any Japanese wanting to learn English?)
Does anybody need an extra help for your homework or assignments?

Teaching will be in English as my german is not great after 4 months of stay in here.....haha

Price? as Japanese teaching is not my profession, it's your call! I dont mind not getting paid at all. I am just interested in meeting people.

Place? Time? as I have a daytime job, it will be after working hours or weekend! negotiable.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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