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CINEMA / ABATON / "Shape of Water" 13 Nominations (Hamburg)

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About the Film:
Shape of Water - Das Flüstern des Wassers | OmdU | FSK 16

Poetic-exciting fairytale world
The early 60s in the US was a dark time. At that time, the cold war was invented, completely false nutritional knowledge was brought to the people ... and in secret laboratories, into which the light of the day never penetrates, the most terrible experiments are carried out. There's this base of the Luftwaffe ...

There is a man named Strickland in charge. Elisa gets a job there as a cleaning lady because she is dumb. Maybe because then she can not reveal anything? No matter! Let's forget Strickland, let's look at Elisa. As she sweeps the poorly lit laboratories ... she finds the waterman who is kept there in a tank. Probably, to eventually extract from his brain the special abilities and hand over to the army.

But slowly. Elisa takes all the time in the world to make contact with the being. Boiled eggs play a central role here! Later, she plays music to the being, teaches her sign language, well ... and is soon in love with it.

Then the experiment is canceled and the creature should be "disposed of"! But Strickland did not expect the little, silent Elisa!

Sally Hawkins plays the "princess" who does not need to be rescued. Michael Shannon makes the "bad man". The beloved water creature does not turn into a prince. Guillermo des Toro ('The Labyrinth of the Pan') takes us into a different world of fairy tales in his work full of dark beauty.

With 13 nominations from Best Film to Director, Editing and and to Sally Hawkins in the lead role, 'Shape of Water' is the big favorite of this year's Oscars.

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