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Democrats Abroad (Americans) (Hamburg)

Hello! Given the high stakes of the upcoming Presidential election in the states, I'd like to reach out to any of you American Democrats living in Hamburg that would like to vote this year. As you may or may not know, Americans are represented with delegates based on the amount of people who vote in the primaries. Since our needs are quite unique compared to the Americans back home, the more Democrats we can identify and communicate regularly with, the more power we have to lobby our Gov't to make changes to policy to benefit those of us who have decided to, for whatever reason, go abroad.

So, if you'd like to join up to see what we're all about, hop on over to the Hamburg chapter Facebook page (even if you're not in Hamburg proper) at Protected content and sign up on the Democrats Abroad Website at Protected content

Thanks and hope to see you there!
- Jake Roeder (Wisconsin)

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