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FOR SALE X-Box, 15 games (cables,headphones etc..) (Hamburg)

For Sale.

X-Box Protected content model (all white) but including a 20GB hard disk drive.

Included are all three options for HD cables, the component cable, the VGA (monitor-style) cable, and an HDMI cable (3 meter).


* Call of Duty: World at War
* Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 †
* Halo Reach
* Need for Speed: Undercover (2x (don't ask!))
* Halo 2
* Halo 3
* Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
* SBK '08 Superbike World Championship
* Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
* Grand Theft Auto: IV (Four)
* SBK '09 Superbike World Championship
* Gears of War
* The Orange Box (Portals, Half-Life 2)
* Forza Mototsport 3
* Prince Of Persia

(† Scratched and only plays sometimes, could certainly be saved by a "disc doctor", if you own one, or by a local games store for a couple of euros )

Along with the games, there's two wireless controllers, two play-and-charge kits (total 3 rechargeable batteries + one battery pack), the to charging leads for the controllers, two headsets and a 64Mb memory card. As mentioned in the title, even though this is an "Arcade" console, it included a hard drive, this replacement was bought around May this year, when my "Pro" console died. In total since new this console has seen less than ~20 hours usage.

Also included is the power adapter, naturally and your choice of European, or English "kettle style" cable, naturally it depends on where you plan on using the console.

Pictures online here Protected content

The price for everything is €300
(or very nearest offer)

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