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From the UK now here Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (Hamburg)

Many people from the UK have used this form of therapy for many reasons and it is well known in the UK and has training centres in all parts of the UK.
I am happy to be able to offer this service now in Germany as well in English and German via Skype and if you are near me also in person.

if you like the idea to leave the past behind and focus on a positive future ,Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you to live a positive life.

My clients do come from all walks of life and enjoy my service from their home . It is always a pleasure for me to see how my clients are getting better and better step by step. As my clients do come from all over the world, I do offer my service in two languages: English and German often at “out of hours” due to several reason.

If you like the idea to change your life for the better step by step .. or if you want to know more .. or just want to say “hi ” just drop me a line. I love to hear from you and wishing you a beautiful day.

More about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy here
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