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Game Designer Looking For Flat In Hamburg

Guten tag!

My name is Wictor and I am from Stockholm, Sweden. I am a video game designer and I have been working the last couple years in Paris for Ubisoft. However, even though I love Paris, it's not the best place in the world for developing video games, which Hamburg happens to be! :)

I was recently offered a new job in Hamburg and that is why I am looking for an apartment in Hamburg. My new job at Bigpoint starts in the middle of October so I am in need of finding a cool furnished apartment as soon as possible. And hopefully you'll be able to help me!

So if you happen to know anyone who has a furnished/unfurnished apartment please let me know! (I'm also interested in renting a furnished room as well...)

I haven't been to Hamburg in ages (one of my German cousins live here), but what I've heard it is an awesome city. My new office is in Neustadt so I'm looking for a cool district close-by.

Thanks and I look forward to hear from you soon!


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