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Getting picked for an apartment (Hamburg)

Hi Everyone,

I just moved to Hamburg and am currently sleeping on a friend's sofa until i can find some permanent accommodation. I'd put off looking for a proper place of mine own until i signed an open ended contract with my employer.

I found a great place in Winterhude on the internet and made an appointment to go visit. I was pretty shocked when i got there to find Protected content people all crammed into 38m2 , all trying to talk to one estate agent! When i finally got my chance i found out that renting here is like X-factor and you fill out a form and then wait to see if you get picked.

I'm pretty keen to get out and live on my own, but if I'm competing with 25 people for each place this seems like it could take forever! does anyone have any advice on what information you can give, or withhold to boost your chances of getting selected?


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