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Hamburg Stadhausbrucke or Baumwall ?

Hello Friends,

I might move to Hamburg soon next month. I will be coming on a internship for 3 months - 6months.

My office location is in the middle of Baumwall and Hamburg Stadhausbrucke. its a 5min walk from either of the stops.

I would like to know where should I look for a room to rent, and I don't want to be too far from office location, I guess 20 mins Protected content travel by train should be ok, and then 5 mins walk towards the office, so overall 30 mins journey.

Please recommend me which area is good to live towards and where should I look for rooms to rent. How much rent would it be in general? how much would be the travelling cost? One more thing, the room/apartment should be close to a train station, just about 2 mins to 4 mins walk in a good locality.

Your inputs would be very helpful friends.

Thank You

Best Regards,

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