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Information on Housing Area (Hamburg)

Hi fellow members,

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!

I am coming to Hamburg for work (reaching mid february) and will stay for quite sometime.

This is my first ever visit to Germany and I am very excited.

But my foremost worry is finding a rental accomodation in Hamburg.
I will have less than 10 days to find fix and shift into the apartment once I reach Germany.
Although, I will get some help by a third party vendor in looking for apartments once I am there but due to very limited time and new area it becomes all the more difficult to finalize.

This is where I require assistance from you fellow members to help me give a more realistic information regarding finding areas for my stay.
I am listing down certain facts and preferences which will help your posts:

1. My office is located in Winsbergring near Shnackenburgallee.
2. I will be dependent on public transport for most of my commute commute (s bahn, bus etc)
3. It makes sense to me to stay not too far from office (max Protected content of travel) unless you have reasons for doing it otherwise.
4. I prefer to stay in an area where there is a mix of local crowd and expats in order to mix well and adjust quickly.
5. I woud stay solo so I guess studio apartment would be fine.
6. most welcome to here from you should i keep more things in my mind

Thank you in advance for your posts.


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