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Dear Hamburgeresses,
dear Hamburgers, (sounds kinda strange, doesn't it? ;)

as you may or may not have noticed when hitting the "Hamburg" community page, we do not have an Ambassador assigned - yet.

"Yet", because I have just talked to Sandra from InterNations who got back to me because of my application to fill this position.

As - almost - always, there's an "if" involved, which (in this case) can be relayed to the fact that I am geographically about 100km north from Hamburg.

So my question is following: Can I rely on the help of you guys ('n gals of course) ;) when it comes to organizing offline events in and around Hamburg? Can we perhaps develop a model in which the sceptre is passed around from one to the next who will take care of the "broad" things?

Or are there other models that I haven't thought of that you have in mind so that we can make this happen?

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you and would definitly enjoy hearing your ideas and IF you would be willing to support me in this endevour.

All the best and hear from you soon

Lars Hilse
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