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Looking for a New Job (Hamburg)


My name is Yorick Nicholls, I am French by birth and I come from a very exotic country that is Vanuatu. I speak fluent French naturally but even better English as I was educated in Australia. I am currently learning German and, as a fast learner, I expect I shall achieve fluency in the very near future.

I graduated in Hotel Management and therefore focused my career on that industry. I am very proud to have achieved the position of General Manager for my last 3 jobs, during which I was able to greatly influence the success of 3 properties along with establishing very good business relationships with countless travel agencies covering the South Pacific.

I now find myself in Germany with my native partner with the goal of settling permanently and thus finding a new opportunity in the Northern region, Hamburg being of preference. I consider myself a very reliable asset to any business, offering a high level of professional etiquette and business ethics, honesty, a love for teamwork and naturally a good knowledge of business management. I also bring with me extensive knowledge in Information Technology, being passionate about computing and many of its aspects. I am a fast learner due to my ability to adapt to new environments and I welcome the opportunity to learn from the German culture.

My wish is to seek out a new opportunity away from the Hotel Industry. I am therefore open to any offers should you feel my expertise to be of interest.
My Resume is available to you at any moment's notice.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for taking the time to view this thread.


Yorick Nicholls

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Offers from our Partners
Offers from our Partners
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