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Looking for long-term apartment for August (Hamburg)

My family is moving to Hamburg at the end of August/beginning of September.
We're looking for a 3-bedroom or larger with fitted kitchen and laundry facilities (either in the apartment or building).
-around/under 1,000€/mo including heating and other charges (Internet not included). SOME flexibility there, especially if we don't have to pay ridiculous agent fees
-no need for parking.
-bonus points for closets and/or storage

Preferred locations:
-Husband will be working near the Schlump station. The closest train station to daughter's school is Klein Flottbek. We're not picky about having to take the train/subway if it means saving a heap of money on rent and letting us get a bigger place. That said, we don't want to live out of town because we don't want to spend hours every day getting to school/work. Also, we won't have a car, so I would prefer to be able to walk to the shops to get groceries...
-Preference is to be within a five minute walk of the metro/train if at all possible. Being an old punk, I'm not overly concerned about living in a neighbourhood like St. Pauli, however my 17 year old daughter has led a fairly sheltered life, so maybe that's not the best idea.

Any help much appreciated!

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