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Need quick advice on move to Hamburg

This coming June I am moving to Hamburg from the USA and am looking for any advice you can offer.

I will be starting my second company this month in the technology space and am planning on staying in Germany at very least a year so will be needing a visa but when talking to the embassy here they say wait and apply in person in Germany later. Is there a reason not to do this sooner as it seems visa's are a pain to come by?

Does anyone have advice for Healthcare, doctor visits (should I do these in USA before coming?), bank accounts, how I might be able to buy a motorcycle or car while there, and any other odd things that may come up that I might be able to get worked out before moving?

I have an odd case as I probably won't be going to school full time (although I have thought about it), and with the fact that I don't have a formal college degree as I worked as a licensed mortgage banker in USA and now recently self-employed.

Thank you!

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