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New Friends! (Hamburg)

Hello Everyone! I'm just new on this cool awesome community, I lived nearby Hamburg about 30mins to be exact from Main Station, I lived in Germany for 7 years now, I just lately found out that InterNations exist. I just dunno what Ive been doing for the last 7 years In Germany just work and work and work and forgot to have a social life, I had friends also most of them are Germans,. but I want to meet new and English speaking nice people in the near future. If you guys have free time on Weekends and any crazy fun events going or to be plan just don't hesitate to include me I will be there as long as I'm free from work. I missed going out on Disco, Watch Movies in Cinemas, strolling some nice pubs, watch concerts or maybe walking around in Hamburg for some coffee,. Nice to meet you all!
Raymund ;)

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