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Organizing a dinner in town (Hamburg)

Hi everyone,

me and some friends just realised that we know way to few expats or Germans who've lived abroad here in Hamburg. That's why we wanted to organize a dinner together for everyone that feels the same. Not too big, not too fancy. We are located around Eimsbüttel, but since we are young and dynamic, we could organize a restaurant in Altona, Ottensen, Schanze or wherever.

Who would like to join? Timewise, I would suggest a day around next week between 10th and 16th of March.

I'd prefer easy going and fun people, who'd like to share some laughs or make some new friends. Business talk allowed, but only until starters are served. The four of us have lived in Australia, Indonesia, France, Israel and Latin America, so, we are usually good company, no need to be afraid, oh, and we are all Germans (still no need to be afraid).

Just leave a comment, if you'd like to join and I organize the rest.

Take care everyone

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