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Private Health Insurance and Pension schemes (Hamburg)

Hi All,

I moved to Hamburg (and Germany) 5 months ago and initially struggled to understand the health insurance and pension schemes here. As I do not plan to retire here in Germany, I wondered if there were cheaper options to the usual public health insurance. But getting all the information was not easy without the knowledge of German language. So had to read various forums on different websites to get an idea. I am sure there are others who will be or are in a similar situation. So thought I will share this information with you all.

We have InterNations members who can help you sort this out. One of those is Glyn Brookman. I was lucky to meet him at an InterNations event, and he help me uednderstand everything I needed to know about private health insurance and pension schemes. He is an amazing guy who is completely independent of health insurance companies and does not charge any fees. He is quite honest and does not sell you anything. He will just lay out all the information you need (in English) and will help you in your decision making. His financial knowledge is very good (for the pension schemes) and can give you an overview of how things work here in Germany. One thing I can assure you is that he is not pushy at all.

I just thought I will share this information with you all as you might be looking for someone to help you with these important things in a new country. Hope this helps.


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