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Slay-riding in Hamburg

Tomorrow, they say, up to 20 cm snow will be falling!! So what better can one do but get the slay out of the cellar and take a ride??
The best places to do so are:

The wide slope under the water tower in Schanzenpark. It is especially good for families with young children. The piste starts relatively steep but quickly softens and carries the slay a long way.

In Blankenese the Schinkelspark there is sometimes a real thrilling slope for “semi-“ professional riders – it’s getting real fast and is not suitable for small kids, but for elder children.

The longest slope is in the Bergedorfer Gehölz: Protected content partially quite steep and curvy piste are awaiting the children. The slope is located at Reinbeker Weg.

There are a few slopes in the Öjendorfer Park, the longest being Protected content long and all differently steep, thus also suitable for smaller children.

In the Eppendorfer Park is a small hill for beginners. The slope is relatively short Protected content and a few waves make it fun. It is perfect for small children and is located in the Martinistrasse, close to the UKE.

In Hummelsbüttel an exciting slope can be found at the Müllberg. It starts close to the Hummelsee and is relatively wide.

The Harburger Berge also offer some very nice slopes, for example at the Reiherberg in the Forst Haake. The slope changes from steep to gentle and back and is fun for the whole family. Long slopes through snowy woods with many curves make the slope most attractive.

Another nice family slope is at the Alsterwanderweg in Bergstedt. Located at the end of the Twietenkoppel is offers a wide slope gently falling to the river.

With best wishes for a perfect day!!!

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