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The best Easter Fires 2013 in town! (Hamburg)

The Easter fires listed below usually come at least with stands selling beverages, soft alcoholic drinks like beer and some food, mostly barbeque. More tips on
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Blankenese: Am Falkensteiner Ufer 7:00 pm
In the small marina and along the Strandweg lots of small fires will be burning and 4 big ones. There are usually some stalls selling food and beverages. They are the fires with the longest tradition in Hamburg and allow a great view over the Elbe during sundown.

Wittenbergen: Ringstrasse 1a 7:00
With torche wandering for children

Ottensen: Alter Schwede, Hans-Leip-Ufer: around 7:00 pm

Övelgönne: Strandperle/Övelgönne Protected content
Directly in front of the two beach bars

Bahrenfeld: Regerstrasse Protected content
A fire for children will be lightened additional, lifemusic

Alsterdorf: Alsterdorfer Markt 5:00 – 11: 00 pm
With live music.

Winterhude: Schumachers Biergarten, Südring 5b (Stadtpark) 6:00 pm
This is a very popular fire which has more the character of a party. It’s recommended to come early to get access and it is from age 18 only. Lots of small pot fires create a wonderful atmosphere.

Öjendorfer Park, Southern entrance (Reinskamp/Ecke Driftredder) 6:00 pm and another one at
Horner Rennbahn, 5:00 pm
There is a small fire being lighted at 5:00 pm, the bigger one once it is getting dark.

Rahlstedt: Dreieckskoppel/Saseler Straße 6:30 pm
This is a very children-friendly fire as a smaller one will be lighted at 6:00 pm. The big one is started at 6:30 pm.

Langenhorn: Neubergerweg Protected content brigade) 7:00 pm

Wandsbek: Kneesestraße (sports club Wandsbek) 6:00 pm for children, 8:00 pm for adults

Wellingsbüttel: Schulteßdamm Protected content pm
This fire is smaller, and live music will be playing

Bergstedt: Rodenbeker Str. Protected content brigade) 6:30 pm
A big fire on a meadow allowing for picnic. Lots of families go here.

Billwerder: Billwerder Billdeich Protected content pm
Two fires will be lighted, a big one for adults and a small one for the children starting earlier.

Duvenstedt, Puffacker Weg Protected content club Duvenstedt), 6:30 pm for children, 7:00 pm for adults

Hummelsbüttel, Hummelsbüttler Hauptstraße Protected content pm
Usually with life music and a fair with caroussels and alike starting around 3:00 pm

Lemsahl-Mellingstedt: Eichelhäherkamp 7:00 pm

Lohbrügge: Krusestraße 7:00 pm

Ohlstedt: Ohlstedter Platz 8:00 pm


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