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Verpflicktungserklarung needed by Jan 15 (Hamburg)

Hello/Guten Tag! I am a US citizen in Hamburg with a tourist passport, waiting for Koeln to respond to my citizenship request from my father being born here. I am in an intensive Deutsch Sprachkurs bis Mai, but to continue my stay I am required to provide a Verpflicktungserklarung. A German citizen who makes enough extra money for another person or someone who has Protected content Euros in their bank konto can make this paper. It is a financial sponsor paper, but I have no need of a real sponsor. My Freund whom I live with has no work and is trying hard to find some but it is difficult. In the meantime he gets some money every month and I have a credit card from my father when I need it so this paper is just temporary to show the authorities. When my Freund gets a full time job he will make this paper for me but I can't count on him finding work in the next few weeks. Can anybody offer to make me this paper? Thanks/vielen dank!

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