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Hi everybody,
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Do you feel particularly generous today? Remember a good action a day… keeps the doctor away!
GMA is an Italian non-profit organization which operates mainly in Ethiopia, in particular with the Sashemane community along with the help of the local operating missionary.
Numerous humanitarian works have taken place in this region, just have a look here
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GMA Naples helps to run and maintain these deeds
Do you want to support GMA? It´s very easy:
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Don’t forget:
With 1 Euro we can donate a book to one of our Protected content .
With 2 we can buy a pair of shoes for someone who each day walks barefoot.
With 5 we can guarantee vaccines for the children of our villages.
With 25 we can guarantee monthly schooling, food, and medical care.
With 40 we can guarantee a monthly salary to the members of our promotional centers.
With Protected content can help a mother maintain her family.
With 3,000 you can bring potable water to a school.
With 5,000 we can create new rooms and classes for our schools.

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