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Workshop: A Problem-Solving Experiential (Hamburg)

A Problem-Solving Experiential:

An Introduction to the Transformative Power of Energy Work

Sunday 21st October 2–5pm

Every day we are each confronted with many different challenges – be it in the workplace, at home, or just in the world in general – that can be extremely stressful for us. At the same, we might also be burdened by longer-term problems – related to our health, our work, our finances, our families, and/or a variety of other factors. Our societies often teach us that we have little or no control over these issues, and that, as such, the best that we can hope for is to mitigate their effects – usually either by fighting the issue or by avoiding it, which we achieve through engaging in a range of complicated or draining behaviours that themselves can become problems and burdens.

But what if there was another way – a means to solve whatever the problem is, rather than to simply repress it or to tolerate it?

In this innovative three-hour experiential we will introduce you to a body of knowledge and to a set of tools that can assist you in transforming whatever current circumstances prevent you from experiencing your life in the way that you wish to. What is being offered is the opportunity to learn techniques that you can begin using in your everyday life to gradually work through, and take greater responsibility for, your issues – whatever they may be. Some examples might be: an ongoing health issue, relationship difficulties, or finding yourself stuck in patterns of behaviour that are not good for you. The knowledge and techniques that will be taught are a synthesis of wisdom obtained from many different healing modalities around the world – however, they are all based on the principle that each and every one of us is constituted of “energy”, and that all of our interactions are – at the most fundamental level – energetic exchanges.

Hence, by becoming more conscious of this energy and how one can work with it, a person can begin transforming all of their undesirable life circumstances. Offering each participant an elaboration on and, most importantly, experience of this power is the core intention of this event.

The experiential – which will be facilitated in English, with translation into German – will take place on Sunday 21.10.2012, from 2pm to 5pm. The venue for this event is Flair France, Martinistrasse 16, Protected content .

The cost of participation is €40 (inkl. Mwst.) per person – including light refreshments and snacks – with the amount being payable in advance. To reserve your place, please email:

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The three facilitators for the experiential will be:

James Powell

James first became interested in energy work during his time as a postgraduate student at the University of Oxford. Alongside his doctoral studies, James also trained extensively as a shamanic practitioner, worked with different shamans in various locations around the world, and explored and tried a wide variety of other energetic healing modalities. What he learnt in this process of discovery has since helped him to deal with many emotional, health and relational challenges, and also to guide and support others with their own issues. Since Protected content , he has been working in private practice as a Shamanic Counsellor, assisting people from all walks of life in Germany, Switzerland and the UK, as well as in different locations around the world over the phone.

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Nathalie L. Brochard

The world of energy has fascinated Nathalie ever since her childhood years in France. She first obtained her 1st and 2nd level certification in Reiki Usui some years ago, before she discovered, initially through one of her soul sisters, the power of shamanic healing methods – which she realized suited her better as a way of working with energy. Nathalie has over the years received several different kinds of spiritual initiation (Violet Flame, Reiki MaHeo´o, Unicorn, Abundantia, etc.) that she now openly offers to pass on to anybody who wishes to receive them. She is also a clairvoyant.

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John Holway

Originally from Bristol, John has lived and worked in Hamburg for almost 30 years. He is a passionate communicator who previously worked for over 20 years as a Commercial Attaché with the British Consulate. Since Protected content , he has been working as a language coach and as a personal trainer, through running a business that offers training, teaching and translating services. John has studied the work of healers and teachers from many different traditions worldwide. He is firm believer that healing begins in the head and that your happiness is in your own hands. He speaks fluent German and is a great lover of the outdoor life, music and making merry.

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