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Apartment to rent, fittings and furnitures to buy (Hannover)

Hello everyone!

I am Elizabeth and currently living in Singapore, I came from the Philippines. I am searching for apartment online which is near to Gottingen since my daughter will be studying within the vicinity.

We are used to city life and apartment style houses, however, I also love greenery, open spaces and nature. Having said that, where do you think is the best location for us to search for a house or apartment rental? Although our HR will help me out, it is good to have an idea about the place.

Secondly, seems like majority of the rental houses/apartments are unfurnished? Is it easy to find second hand furniture?

Lastly, I am not sure if car is included in my package. I have a limited knowledge about car, anyway, what is the most economical brand to look into for leasing?

Thank you so much for your inputs in advance!


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