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Possibly moving to Hannover

Newbie here be gentle!!

I have recently been for a job interview which is looking very positive just outside Hannover in Celle.

Im just looking for some basic information if anyone could help it would be very much welcome.

Myself and my partner are both from the UK and as I said are looking for basic info before we make the move.

1. What is an average/acceptable standard of salary within the hannover/celle area

2. How are the job ops for expats with currently zero German language skills ( my partner is a secondary teacher at the moment)

3. What basics are needed to settle in Germany e.g. health insurance etc etc.

4.What is the cost of German language courses within the area?

5.Is there a high percentage of english speakers within the area?

Im sure there is plenty more I would like to ask but ive hit a bit of a mental block at the moment and when I get some information/reassurance on some of these things I will be able think straight!!!

Exciting but difficult times/decision ahead


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