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Real estate Information for hannover (Hannover)

To all the people joining the hanover community:
Several times we have been asked, which might be the best area to start living in hanover and which items must be considered. Here you find a brief summary of what might be interesting for you.
As expected, it depends on our personal interest, the workplace, private situation, family size and of course the amount of free money you are willing to spend. But considered with other countries or cities in germany, hanover is still a quiet cheap place to live.

1.How the rent is made up:

The rents for good flats near the center in areas like List, Oststadt, Südstadt etc tend to increase at the moment but are still about Protected content / m².

The yield you have to pay to the Landlord is made up of:
a.Kaltmiete (the rent you have to pay for thee Flat
b.Nebenkosten (running cost like Water, Taxes, garbage Collection etc.)
c.Heizkosten (Heating Costs)- here it depens if there is a central heating for the whole house or if it is a single Heating for only your own flat. In last case- costs will be charged by the local gas supplier, the “stadtwerke”.
d.Strom (electricity), will be provided by the local supplier, the “stadtwerke”. Do not forget to register there.
For a normal flat of the size of 60 sqm the whole rent would be as follows:
Kaltmiete: 6,5€ per sqm – 390€
Nebenkosten: 1,5€ per sqm –90€
Heizkosten inkl. Strom 1,5€ per sqm –90€
In total: 570€ per Month.

2. Areas to live:

For rooms / Flat: Oststadt, Südstadt, List, Döhren-, Linden Nord
For single Houses: Bothfeld, Isernhagen, Buchholz, List, etc.
As always it depends on your taste and the parameters which are important in your private life.


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