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anyone for a cultural event/drink in next 3 wks? (Hanoi)

Hello all,

I'm in Hanoi until mid November, and would love to do a 'cultural' event one evening - theatre, dance, cinema with a drink afterwards (cinémathèque?) - if anyone is interested... I don't speak Vietnamese, so ideally something in English/French/German or with subtitles...

I'm also keen if there is any internations drink or dinner gathering of some kind, it would be nice to meet some people who work here or other volunteers (I am volunteering here in NGOs until mid November, then off to travel in S Vietnam for two weeks), or even for a swim and drink or dinner after. I am still hunting for the best swimming pool which is actually OPEN in the evenings!

Thanks for your replies :-)

Phoebe (based in W Hanoi / Mai Dich)

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