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Cordyceps militarris production in Vietnam (Hanoi)

Information as of Oct Protected content VINA.TSA company – specialize in planting cordyceps militarris and other medicinal plants.

The company is a research institute, and in Vietnam, major income of research institute is from research project, which is funded by government.
They do also produce black garlic.

The company has farm at Highland area of Vietnam.
Production capacity: 100kg/month (price 60,000,000 VND/kg dried), can use to produce medicinal or cosmetic products.

All the products are organic, they treat waste from plants and animals to become fertilizer for the cordyceps militarris.

If Client has special request about place, weather, materials … they also can make the requirements.

They already transferred this technology for few medicine/pharmaceutical companies, and to Nepal.

They also sold to India.
They also tried to export to Germany.
However, it was not allowed since it is not yet listed in list of import-export products. So they only export 2-3kg by hand carry.

This fungus should be planted in clean and closed room, which is furnished by aircon. Specially in the South due to hot weather. In the North, aircon is not necessary in winter. The temperature in the room should be not more than 20 C.

1. Set up:

+ In a clean room of 15m2, set up an aircon of 1 horsepower. (if the room is 25 m2, it should be 2 aircon of 1 horsepower).

+ In this room of 15m2, you can put around Protected content jars.
Why Protected content ? Because you can set up few layers, distance between each layer is 35cm.

2. Harvest:

It takes Protected content to harvest fungus. Each glass jar can produce Protected content of fresh fungus.
Then each glass jar can be sold for 300, Protected content VND with retail price.
1kg of dried fungus can be sold for more than Protected content VND - retail price.
(They do sell wholesale price of 60 million VND per kg)

3. Investment: if you want to plant the cordyceps militarris by yourself
(assume that you already have the room)
Protected content VND for equipments
Protected content VND for technology, include seedling.

4. Production:

For Protected content jars, it takes them 5 days to produce/plant, their specialists will work in 5 days to plant fungus in Protected content jar, and you need to hire 3 workers to support them in these 5 days.

After 5 days, you only need to hire one person to take care of the fungus.
The work is very simple: turn on/off the lights (to make fungus have feeling of day/night),
checking and controlling temperature, humidity.

+ They commit that their technology will help to plant fungus successfully.
If not, they can refund. And their technology will provide outstanding quality fungus.

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