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Couple Questions on Hanoi

Hello all I am looking into moving to Vietnam for a while after I finish college. I already have a BS in Finance and will have a BS in Computer Engineering soon. I have 2+ years experience as a Data Analyst and would like to work in a technical field (web/software dev). How available are those jobs?

From my research it seems I likely need more experience or I could always teach english, which I do not view as bad and $ Protected content an hour on 30 hrs a week would easily be enough. If this was the case I'd likely need to get my TESOL so any suggested schools on that?

Also I'd obviously really like to learn Vietnamese are there any formal programs I could go through as an expat?

How prevalent is the use of bitcoin there? At a minimum I'd like to know of some places where I can get my money remitted as it is significantly cheaper for international money transfers.

Does anyone know how to handle student loans while you are abroad? (US loans obviously)

What about the mandated healthcare coverage with Obama care?

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