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DHL, Fedex, TNT… What is the best choice? (Hanoi)

Hi there ????, I am Thinny – an “English as a second language” teacher of Topica Native but what I often do here is logistics/shipping consultant for all the expats. Today, I would like to share with you (from my experience) which brand should you choose to delivery your shipment from Vietnam to other countries and which is the best choice to import goods.

?Firstly, my dear friends, you should know that all these brands have their public pricelist for each country which are in the cloud (very expensive). If you are not the frequent customers or you only have small shipments, it would not a good idea to contact the brands directly because you will be charge the public price. The wiser way is to ask brand’s agent pricelist. Agents often delivery bulk quantity so they can give you really good prices.
?Secondly, each brand has their target and customers. We can divide those brands into 2 levels: premium (DHL, FedEx) and Economy (TNT). It means if you want the best services, best time of delivery you should choose DHL and Fedex which have pretty higher prices. If you want reasonable price and acceptable service, TNT is yours.
?Thirdly, each brand has their target markets also. In the same level, DHL has good price for shipments to Europe area, Fedex is best around America continent. One more thing you should remember, some limited areas such as Africa, war areas… only DHL and the brand will charge some more fees.
?Last but not least, I hope this post could help you when you consider choosing a suitable service. Moreover, Thinny is still here, if you find it’s too hard to understand or you need who can handle from top to toe, so easy,
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