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ever been confused before moving decision? (Hanoi)

Hey expats,

You are people that moving a lot, from this city to other city, from country to country or crossing the world and settling down in a strange place, and I need you to share some experience
What do you do if you are both an adventurous and cautious person, you love new experiences and adventures but also little things can make you happy and you are lazy enough to say you prefer an easy life, and now you have to decide between " go for a new life in a totally new country with full of excitement and also difficulties" and " staying at home, relaxing with an easy life but boring sometimes and feel like you are in a cage"? Well, I have to make a choice between these...and feeling so confused.

If you've ever been in this situation, can you tell me:
What made you decide to go or to stay? and how did you know what you really want?


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