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Fiberglass mesh window screen (prevent mosquitos) (Hanoi)

Are you being bothered by the mosquitos/insect?
You want to open the window but you are afraid that the mosquitos can get inside?

A fiberglass mesh window screen at your window can help you on that.
We offer you two types of mosquito net (using the same net, only different about sticking method to the window. Below are information:

I) Fiberglass mesh: the mesh size is around 6 mesh/cm

The fiberglass mesh is available in rolls of size: 1m; 1.2m; 1.4m; 1.5m; 1.6m; 1.8m; 2.0m; 2.2m and 2.4m. So one size of the mesh must be selected with the nearest size above, another one can be cut to exact size.

For example: if your window size is 1.45m x 1.9m, we must cut from the roll 1.5m, and we will measure 1.9m to cut.

Price of mesh: 300,000 VND/m2, so a 1.45m x 1.9m window cost 1.5 x 1.9 x 300,000 = 855,000 VND for the mesh.

II) Sticking by Hook and Loop fastener tape: has glue at the back

Stick the hook to the window. Stick the loop to the net.

Price of hook and loop fastener tape: 35,000 VND/m, so a 1.45 x 1.9 m window cost (1.45+1.9)x2x Protected content 234,500 VND for the tape.

III) Sticking by magnet:

With this type, the set includes:
1. Fiberglass mesh.
2. String
3. Plastic pins.
4. Corner connectors
5 and 6, 7, 8 PVC strips and magnetic strips & tape

Price of magnetic frame: 70,000 VND/m for the set of PVC strips and magnetic strips & tape. 30,000 VND for the set of connectors.

So price of magnetic frame for window 1.45m x 1.9m = 469,000 VND

IV) Installation cost & shipping cost: around 150,000 VND – 200,000 VND
(We will bring everything to your place and install there)

If you would like to install it yourself, let us know, we will just send the materials and you can save installation cost! (Great if you have installed before)

V) Why Fiberglass mess window screen:

1) The fiberglass mess is fire resistant and anti-oxidizing. At the distance of 3m, the mesh is almost unnoticeable.
2) You send us dimensions of your window and we cut the best size for you, you save money from custom-made window screens.
3) Changing and washing the screen is completely do-it-yourself. No extra maintain needed.
4) No screws or drilling. Keep windows’ original structure.
5) Using 3M glue - adhesive, high viscosity and long lasting.

VI) This product is suitable with:

1. The surface which can stick the frame on (not a peeling/wet surface)
2. The magnetic is specially suitable with window which has metal frame/bar.

VII) Differences of the two types:

1. Hook and Loop fastener tape is easier to install, cheaper, but look less nice, the durability is less and more inconvenient when you need to remove it and put it back.

2. Magnetic frame is harder to install, higher price, but look nicer, durability is higher and easier to remove and put it back.

VIII) How to order: send us the measurements of your window, its photo, tell us which type would you like and your address, we will get back to you with official quotation.

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