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Hanoi>Vietnam: Recruitment or JV opportunity to ow

Hanoi>Vietnam: Recruitment or JV opportunity to own and operate a trendy business at the forefront of economic recovery with enormous undertapped potential:
If you personally or your firm institutionally has capital and strong technical capabilities in (>=1) of the following fields:
(1) online marketing, multimedia communication, promotion and running large e-portal ;
(2) information technologies (PHP> ON-PAGE SEO, off-page seo> sem>smm);
(3) investment banking services: financial and legal analysis to do projects and businesses valuation, FS, biz planning, restructuring, m&a services
(4) event hosting, investment marketing, sales & business development.

3 groups of partners are needed: Please specify your group of interest.
<1> Committed shareholders, skilled equity partners to co-own and co-operate;
<2> Part-time consultants/agents engaged on flexible arrangement by specific jobs;
<3> Exclusive or non-exclusive agents in other cities and provinces nationwide and perhaps in selected states overseas.

(Number of characters allowed here is just 1/6 of what I would like to get across Protected content would like to know a bit about you prior to full disclosure) = If you find yourselves capable and interested then email me at Protected content with links to your profile/resume/website/blog etc. so that I could send you the link to the page on my site with tons of analytical details and demonstration. This is just a super short lead but may make an upturn in your career path. Kind Regards. Can call me any time Protected content .

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