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"The noun "Lacquer" is a new noun that refers to a technique known as Son Ta, but completely transformed by the art of lacquer.
Son Ta technique is similar to Chinese paint, dating from the Han Daynasty. A raw material, which is unblender paint, always goes with Son Ta. Phu Tho province produces a large amount this kind of pain and sells to China and Janan.
From Protected content earlier, the use of Son Ta as well as Son Tau in China and in Japan was to cover objects such as trays, caskets, clogs, funriture to make them look more gorgeous. Worship as long incense, dishes, decorations such as couplets, diaphragm, front screen... Those colors are: vermilion, black, brown, cockroach wings, gold, silver according to trandition. To be clear, Son Ta only uses in decoration. Although the art of painting in Japan is more delicate, but no country has came up with exploring and using paint meterials in a traditional, adventurous way to increase dignity by inventing further its capabilities.
However, since Protected content , thanks to the devoted search of a number of artists, oil paint is removed and switch back to lacquer. Son Ta, therefore, has passed out the brakes, blatantly on the vast road of painting, advancing from the casket, the clogs, it transcends the precious framed painting. Start from one direction dependent facilities making corrugated iron to draw objects, it becomes a means nicely expressing the soul of an artist, an item that overwhelms oil paint.
Forgetting the past, Son Ta changed its name to Lacquer.
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