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Leaning Vietnamese in Hanoi

If you want to learn Vietnamese in order to settle down in Hanoi, or support your work, or just simply be able to fully enjoy life in this beautiful city, EOE Language Center can help you with friendly teachers and quality knowledge.
We have a short - term course : Enter into Vietnamese for 9 USD only - as a foundation for Communication Vietnamese Courses, Business Vietnamese Courses.... If you are interested in, please contact us.
Thank you and have a good day
► What does ENTER INTO VIETNAM have?
1. ONLY 9 USD – Protected content for 6 lessons with 3 quickly topic sessions will help you master the effective method or studying Vietnamese.
2. Comfortable learning environment, modern teaching methods.
3. Learning through play with enthusiastic, friendly teachers.
► Who must attend?
1. Foreigners who intend to study or work in Vietnam.
2. Foreigners who wish to improve their ability to communicate, pronounce Vietnamese correctly.
3. Foreigners are working with partners in Vietnam.
1. Understand Vietnamese overview including major patches (pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, communication and business ) , building a conception about learning Vietnamese.
2. Understand how to pronounce Vietnamese, can read a text almost accurate (though can not understand the meaning of words)
3. Distinguish confusing pronunciations and spelling Vietnamese words exactly and easily
4. Understanding Vietnamese sounds and spelling Vietnamese
5. Understand how to complete a sentence.
At EOE, you will learn to :
1. Ms Rosy Nguyen, Master with years of experience in teaching Vietnamese to foreigners, and Educator Certification, Vietnamese Educator Certification in English.
2. Separate curriculum maximize your time but ensure full of knowledge, vocabulary.
3. Training completely thinking of learning Vietnamese, thinking of using Vietnamese.
1. Time : 6 lessons x 1,5h
2. Tuitition : 9 USD – Protected content
Hotline: Protected content
Website: Protected content
Address : 2nd Floor, Building 29T1 Hoang Dao Thuy, Cau Giay, Ha Noi

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