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Looking for a student (Hanoi)


Dear All

I am looking for a student and good web developer who knows very well the python/django programation…I also need someone for the design.

I need a trust student, very motivated, to finish my website, beta
version, in order for me to launch it and finish the final one. The
associated will follow.

I have launched an internationally website to help poeple travelling together. Hope my project will interest some of the students
because it’s a big one ( with a lot of ambition )!

I also want to create my company in your country to make everything clearer.

Hope we will meet soon and have a great future cooperation.

I also want to launch 3 application for IOS, Android, and would like to
find another students…Some of them with a background fo webmarketing, SEO and community manager will be necessary.

Thanks for your feedback, all the available CV, by email at
Protected content .


Ps : I come to Hanoi 15 days in November Protected content .

We will also sign, add to our development contract, a confidential one.

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