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Mid-Autumn event at E-Coffee in the Old Quater (Hanoi)

Hi everybody,

As you know, Thursday this week is Mid-Autumn Festival in Viet Nam. It is thought that the festival was originally celebrated to give parents time to catch up with their children, well, make up for lost time and “catch up” with their child's life, to show their love for their children. It's also an opportunity for members of the family to visit each other, for friends to catch up and see each other, my friend opened a coffee shop in the Old Quarter a couple of months ago, and on this occasion, he planned to organize an event to welcome to this festival on Wednesday 16th Sep.

So if you want to join in order to feel an intimate atmosphere of Mid-autumn festival, just feel free to contact me.

Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Best regards,
Linh smile

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