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Need Spanish/French tutors for a studying group (Hanoi)

Hi there,

I am now looking for a Spanish and French tutor/class in Hanoi. I am actually at low budget so it is perfect for me if I can find someone or a group of people who are willing to exchange the languages, like one Spanish/French lesson for one Vietnamese...ha ha.. Well, this suggestion is for those who feel interested, of course. If you don't need to study Vietnamese but wanna be in the group, you are still very welcome... ha ha

The way and time we do it can be flexible, we can do through Skype once or twice a week. I actually need someone who can help me with speaking, so native speaker is more preferable. I usually will study grammar and vocabularies by myself and will use it with my tutor and I hope he/she will help me to correct my mistake (And I'll do the same with Vietnamese learners). The medium of communication and instruction must be English (or Vietnamese if you can, lol)...
Beside Skype lessons, our group can meet once or twice a week for cafe or sometime we'll rent a car and drive away from Hanoi for one-day pinic. I would love to be the tour guide ....:)...

If you are interested in language exchanging or wanna get into my studying group, don't hesitate to let me know through private messages or email me at sevencoloriris[at]

Thanks for reading.


(Hanoi today is damn cold... that's awesome... ha ha)

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