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New to Hanoi In January

Hi everyone,

I'll be moving to Hanoi with my partner mid January through my company and have a few questions I hope you can help me answer. :)

I looked at the market for renting a bit but would like to know if you could recommend a specific real estate agency, and if yes, then (don't really care to live with expats haha, would rather be in a mixed location with other Vietnamese people - don't mean it in a bad way):
- Do they charge a fee to the renter?
- Are there requirements specific to foreigner renting in Hanoi?

How hard is it to renew your visa every 3 months? I have heard sometimes you have to get out of the country only to come back in…

I looked at the threads for cell service but couldn't find a price. Do they have unlimited data plans? No prepaid cards…If yes, how much would it be?

Do I need a local license to drive a Minsk in Hanoi? I have read that they now require it for foreigners because of the increase in accidents…

Thanks for your help guys… :D


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