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Relocation service in Hanoi

Metrica Relocations Plus is a global relocations provider offering services since Protected content nearly
150 locations around the world. Metrica’s Representative Office in Vietnam brings a wealth of
local experience and knowledge which are essential in delivering quality services. Indeed, we
very much look forward to your arrival and are committed to ensuring that any matter related
to your relocation and settling in Hanoi is handled to your satisfaction.
One way to feel at home in a new country is to know the city you live in. We will provide a
personalized information packet to help familiarize you with Vietnam and your host city of
Hanoi. The information packet will cover common issues, such as where to shop, where to eat,
currency information, public transportation, and leisure activities, etc. Each packet is
customized to Vietnam and your host city of Hanoi, as well as to your particular needs. Please
find below a listing of the services that Metrica provides to World Bank Group clients. We are
authorized to provide you up to 3-day bundle of destination services and will be able customize
our services to your particular requirements, to best assist you with your new assignment,
starting April 1, Protected content .
Destination Services inclusive of:
• Preview tour
o Help you familiarize with living conditions in the new locations and address any
specific questions you may have about the city
• Home search
o Pre-screen properties to best meet WBG security and your personal
o Please note that we are not real estate agency, and that our role is to work with
number of trusted real estate agents (REA) and pre-screen the whole market
independently, to find and show you only best properties that meet yours and
WBG security requirements; the REA commission/finder’s fee for the REA
through which the property is sourced will be applicable and it is your
o Accompany you to house visits
o Assist with scheduling UN security check of the selected property
o Assist with lease negotiations
o Assist with utility connections
o Conduct a move-in inspection
• Settling-in
o Help you quickly settle-in upon moving to a new location, which can include but
it is not limited to opening a bank account, locating primary physician,
recreational centers, assistance with domestic staff hire (cook, maid, nanny), etc.
*1 day is defined as 8 hours: Protected content face-to-face time, Protected content preparation time
In preparation for your upcoming visit, please let me know the most suitable time to arrange a
call to discuss the scope of services in more detail.
Please feel free to call or e-mail me. Thank you for your time and welcome to Vietnam.

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