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Sell the project of general hospital in Vietnam (Hanoi)

Currently, I am an authorized representative to sell the project of general hospital in Thai Nguyen. If you are interested, please phone me. (Phone: Protected content Protected content
The general information about a general hospital project is as follows:
1. Project schedule:
- The company immediately implemented the project with the following specific jobs:
+ Carry out procedures for site clearance compensation
+ Procedures for land acquisition, land allocation and land use rights
+ Environmental impact assessment report
+ Approve the policy on the establishment of Hospitals of the Ministry of Health
+ Approval for the master plan and basic design
+ Fire protection design approval
+ Construction permit.
- Currently, the whole project area has been leveled and compacted according to the design elevation.
+ Build the entire fence surrounding the project
+ To basically complete the drainage system and technical infrastructure
+ The item "The operator and clinic" has completed the raw part, is preparing to complete to be able to install medical equipment.
+ Negotiation and deposit to buy medical equipment.
2. Progress of investment capital implementation: The total investment capital for the project implementation is: 296,167 billion VND.
3. Project performance up to the reporting time:
- Ground leveling 3.2 hectares of project (with certificate of land use rights + minutes of field delivery);
- Perform leveling and compacting for the above leveled area.
- Completion of building the surrounding wall system and the project gate
- Completing the rain water drainage system around the project.
- Completion of the rough construction of the operating building and the clinic according to the design with an area of: 330m2 / floor x 05 floors.
About the design of the hospital: (the basic design solution of FPF has been approved)
- Main examination house: 16 floors
- Nursing house: 14 floors
- Office: 5 floors
- Training house: 6 floors
- Housing for employees: 5 floors
- Funeral home, surgery and waste disposal
The total planned area is 27,204m2 (in fact the area to be handed over 3.2ha), including 2 phases. Stage 1: Protected content Phase 2: Protected content . A total of Protected content
Project transfer price: VND 52 billion.

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