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Spirulina in Vietnam (Hanoi)

(information as of August Protected content

1. Where is the best place in Vietnam to implant a production unit of Spirulina.

According to Mr. Lang - a famous, well-known professor in Vietnam, basically Spirulina can be grown anywhere in Vietnam. As long as control pH = 9.0 andprovide more CO2.

About weather, Vietnam is a tropical country (different humidity with France). In the North, there is 4 seasons, include winter, so it's cold in winter. In the Middle, lots of typhoons, storms pass by it. So in my opinion, it will be the best to plant Spirulina in the South of Vietnam.

2. Ownership of land.

If your company is 100% foreign own company, you CAN'T buy a land in Vietnam,
you only can RENT a land, which either:
- belong to Vietnam government.
- belong to Vietnamese who live oversea.
- belong to rented land of other foreign company.

Rental time: project life time, but maximum is 50 years.

Procedures: Documents: project investment demonstration and investment certificate (notarized copy).

Exact procedures: need to ask a law service

3. Where to rent the land:

It is best to rent the land from local government.

Rental rate depends on each province, and you need to ask at provincial people committee (local government of each province).

For example, a document about government land price at Long An province in Protected content that:

Investors are encouraged to invest in Duc Hoa district by the government.
The price varies depend on type of land and its position.

For example: agricultural land which near road, next to road at a commune of Duc Hoa district, price is 108,000 VND/m2/year for the first 50m from the road, price is 90,000 VND/m2/year for 50m-100m next.

4. Ownership of company:

You need to submit these documents to Department of Planning and Investment at the Province which you want to set up your company/factory/farm:
+ Document suggest to implement investment project;
+ Copy of your passport (if individual investor), copy of Establishment certificate (if company/organization investor).
+ Project suggestions: name of investor, purpose, investment scale, capital and plan for raising capital (if you don't have enough), place, timing (when), process, demand about human resources, suggest to have favor/preferential in investment (if any), impact assessment, economical-social benefits of the project;
+ Copy of either: financial reports of 02 most recent years of investor, commitment of financial support of mother company, commitment of financial support of financial organization, guarantee about financial ability of investor, explanation about financial ability of investor
+ Suggestion about land using demand.
+ Explanation about technology of the project (if the technology is being limited by Vietnam government): name of technology, origin of technology, technology line, main technical data, situation of machine, equipment and main technology system;
+ Business Corporation Contract, if you use this kind of contract.
Exact procedures: need to ask a law service

5. About Mr. Lang:
He is a professor (Master; Pharmacist) at Pharmacy Department - Ho Chi Minh city University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

He and his team have been planting spirulina for more than 10 years. On August Protected content , they have 1/4 (0.25) ha of spirulina as patent, production 1.5 ton/year.

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