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Temporary residence card for foreigners (Hanoi)

Foreigners who enter, exit, transit and residence in Vietnam must comply with the law of Vietnam and respect the traditions, customs and practices of the people of Vietnam. It is strictly forbidden to abuse the entry, exit, transit and residence in Vietnam to violate the law.

HPVN- Law provides temporary residence card registration service for foreigners staying in Vietnam.

Dossiers of application for temporary residence card for foreigners staying in Vietnam including:

- Written documents of agencies, organizations and individuals offering, guarantee and propose for temporary residence card;

Protected content of information on foreigners applying for temporary residence, with photo and sealed by the agency or organization;

- Protected content x4cm size photographs;

Protected content of : passport, valid visa, immigration bills;

Protected content document that proves the purpose of staying in Vietnam (it’s up to the case that may file suitable documents: investment licenses, enterprise registration licenses, work permit, certificate of board members management, representative office regiatration license, marriage/birth licenses, ...).

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