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This business doesn't pey foreign employees (Hanoi)

Hi All

as someone who cannot speak Vietnamese, I'm trying to file a claim & complaint about a small language center which has perfected the art of not paying foreign employees. (Locals who are desperate for work agree to work for free, hoping for future paid employment).

The boss is 23 and anyone who leaves gets a text stating they won't get paid. Yesterday, he sent such a text to the foreigner who replaced me. (Her salary had been promised for the 15th, then payment was postponed to the 16th. On Sunday "mother objected" to the fortnightly payment agreed on - and the woman left, tearfully.

The center doesn't have enough customers for a full time position, period. And it's apparently quite common to lure foreigners while knowing full well that they cannot possibly pay the promised salary...

Is this the Wild East?

What should we do? Hire a translator? Letting it slide would reward this behavior.


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