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Vietnamese langauge (Hanoi)

My name is Roby Bellemans. Last year I published the Vietlish Dictionary, The last years, in fact when I became the first director of the Thanh Ha Terracotta Park & Museum near Hoi An I was making a study on the influence of the writing systems on the Vietnamese language and the learning & teaching of it.
Till begin May I will be living in Da Nang, doing voluntary work for the Da Nang Bong & Pancake Art for Children gallery and lending.
Because I have very low income and I work for people who have even lower income, I do not have the money to join your activities The last time I had a paid job was when I was director, but that is Protected content ago. They wanted me to stay but there are so many small initiatives who can't pay people like me, and I do have a very small income because I'm retired, so I work for free.
I will be in Ha Noi around 22 February (to get new Vietnamese drivers license), I can give a lecture about this topic. I think it is very interesting and can help a lot of people when learning Vietnamese.
Based on my study I can tell you that almost all courses Vietnamese, even the ones given at the universities, have a wrong base and are very poor. Well, they didn't had time to develop courses for foreigners whom were occupying their country, they had other important things to do.
So they copied courses English & French not realizing that this isn't always working.
Beside this there's the problem of the contemporary writing system which is, friendly saying: a complete disaster.

I guess you do understand that you wont fall asleep when I give a lecture.
see you, maybe

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