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Visa advice needed - For Nepali Citizen (Hanoi)

Hi all!

I am new to Internations. I just registered recently as I am planning to move in to Hanoi this October. My fiance is there and I plan to get married there, and live there for at least a couple of years. I needed some quick suggestions on what's the best way to apply for visa.

I am a Nepali passport holder. Vietnam had listed a few countries for which visa application is more cumbersome and expensive. I need to apply for a 3 months multiple visa. I asked a few online agencies and so far I know that for a Nepali, I can only apply a 1 month single entry visa if its for personal purpose. However, I can get a Business visa for 3 months, multiple entry if I get an invitation letter from a company there. The charges are 80usd for service and 95usd for stamping.

I wanted some advice, especially from the Nepali citizens here, on what's the best way to apply.

thank you in advance for your support!

Ayush Shrestha

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