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Wanna meet business minded people in Hanoi on Feb

I’m currently live in Ho Chi Minh city and I’ll be back to the North on Feb for Tet.
I would like to meet business minded people with few preferences:

1) I prefer if you are into God: either you have a relationship with God or seeking God.
2) You either have your own business, or plan to have your own business.
3) You are either expats have/want to do business in Vietnam or Vietnamese want to work with/do business with expats.
4) Businesses I’m NOT interested in:
+ cigarettes, medicine, drug, pharmacy;
+ food except HEALTHY FOOD.
Healthy food in my current definition is: organic food, no pork, no cooking oil, no msg, no sugar, no industrialized food;
+ skin care products which aren’t organic

------ Protected content , purpose ------- Protected content

+ I’m now learning about God and seeking God, so I want to meet someone who have experiences with him.

+ I want meet business people since I’m into business
And I’m highly interested in Connecting People to:
Other People. Information. Places. Resources. Ideas

You may watch my introduction video here:
Protected content

------- Protected content , when and how I want to meet YOU ------- Protected content

+ Location: Thong Nhat park – the gate at Le Duan street
65 Tran Nhan Tong, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi.

I suggest this park since I want to have first a casual meet up, we have a space to walk, to see around and to enjoy. We don’t need to talk all the time.
No one have pressure of order something in coffee shop or restaurant.
We can lead to a place afterward if we feel so.

+ Time: 16:00 o’clock – 02/16/ Protected content

I suggest this time, since I’m supposed that if you have your own business, you should be free with your time.
But if you aren’t available by that time, another option is 6:00 pm.
I assume that I will meet someone first by 16:00 o’clock. We walk around the park for 2 hours, then go back to the gate at Le Duan street to meet you.

And I select that day since it’s in beautiful order for me: 02/16/2016.

+ How? (Content)

For me, at first it’s a “casual” meet up for us to get to know each other and what we can help each other.
There are few questions/topics/concerns I would like to ask you when we meet.
They are:

1. What do you like/enjoy/appreciate the most about yourself?
2. What are your changes/transformation for the time being? What're differences of YOU - previously and YOU - now?
3. Tell me your relationship with God and your business.

(You can feel free to tell me before we meet)

-------- Protected content up ------ Protected content

If you are interested in meet up with me, you may contact me via my email: Protected content

Feel free to send me your questions, concerns, inquiries.
Feel free to tell me if there is something I can help you with.


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