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What to bring for a toddler? (Hanoi)


Hello, our family will relocate to Hanoi in about a month, and although my husband and I have lived there before (9years ago) I am a bit confused since we now have a son who is 18 months, as to what do I need to bring for him, and what I can buy there.
Regarding clothes, shoes, crib, stroller etc.
And taking the risk to sound hollow, what brands are now available in the area of toiletries, cosmetics? I can remember Clarins and Clinique were newly opened when we lived there, but they were the only two.
Do I need to stock up on my favourite brands for shampoos (Moroccan oil/Kerastase/KevinMurphy) and skin care (Skinceuticals/EsteeLauder/Shiseido/Dermalogica) or is it now possible to get it there?

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