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Are you looking for jobs in Zimbabwe? (Harare)

That’s an absurd question to ask in a country where 80% of the population is unemployed. Though that is true to an extent, there are other ways you can improve your chances of getting employed. What inspired me to write this article was the overwhelming number of people I meet on a daily basis who are looking for jobs in Zimbabwe, they always say “I looked in the newspaper, there are no jobs” and every time I always stop them right there. That is why they are not getting jobs because jobs are no longer found in newspapers. Thanks to the internet all the jobs are now online.

Now below we have listed some the resources you can utilise to secure employment.

Classified Websites

Many classified websites are springing up all over the place but the dominant and most popular ones are and there are a few other small websites in this category. The advantage with these websites is that most recruiting companies are registered with them and they regularly post jobs almost on a daily basis. The advantage with the former is that you can actually upload a Cv and potential recruiters can browse through who knows you might be lucky.
Recruitment Agencies

There are a lot of recruitment companies in the country at the moment. Some are refusing to adapt to new technologies and I think that has been the defining factor between the successful agencies and the fading ones. There are only a few recruitment agencies that require candidates to hand in a hard copy of their CV’s mostly everything is being done online. The prominent ones are recruitment matters and CV People Africa, they allow you to register and upload you CV online via their website with the former they give you a call and send you an e-mail to update you and with the latter you can view your account activity via their dashboard plus they also call and e-mail you.
Job Portals

To my knowledge there is only one prominent job portal in Zimbabwe and that is Basically candidates can browse jobs, register, upload their CV’s and apply for jobs from the same website. According to the guys at “It is a platform where job seekers and recruiters meet” because a few big name recruiters are also registered on the website.

Mailing Lists

I hear there are a couple of these around but the most prominent one is dipleague. The good part about this is that you can also post that you are looking for jobs in Zimbabwe, anything goes that’s provided you have a custom e-mail account not free accounts like yahoo, gmail and more, I personally think that has been the strength of dipleague it’s a community of serious individuals. Almost all of the above except maybe a few advertise on dipleague also, so you can try it out.

That’s all we can give you and I hope you take advantage of all these platforms and find yourself a job. If you know of other good resources for jobs let us know.

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