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Buying place to live/money transfer (Havana)

Hi, my name is Frans and I just became a member today

I plan to emigrate from Belgium to Havana with my Cuban wife and little son

Can you give me some information on buying a place to live? Is this possible, easy, difficult?

The Cuban authorities request that I first open a bank account in Havana and put Protected content in it as a garanty of solvability.
A Cuban bank has already informed me that I have to come to Cuba to open my bank account.

It is not difficult to send money from Europe to Cuba if you live in Europe and pay on the spot.

I am looking now for the best way to transfer money from Europe on a monthly base to my bank account in Cuba, while living in Cuba
Internetbanking is not possible
I have also contacted several banks in Europe, but the ones I contacted informed me that they do not work with Cuba
Do you know of any banks that do and if not what would you suggest ?

Thanks in advance for your comments


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